Please Your Man and Enjoy Sexual Fulfillment

The Keys To Pleasure

So you’re looking for the keys you need to open the door of sexual pleasure. To be blunt, you want to know how to please a man in bed?

Good, you’re in the right place.

Maybe your sex life isn’t up to scratch, and you feel you could kickstart it? Maybe you simply know there’s more pleasure to be had from your sex life? Or maybe you feel  you’re not getting the sexual satisfaction you deserve?

how to pleasure a man
Mutual happiness can be yours – especially if you know how to pleasure a man….

Rest assured, as the woman in your relationship you have the power to put all this right. Fast!

Truth is, you have the power to make a man happy. You have the power to make a man aroused, excited, sexually fulfilled – and, perhaps more importantly – pleasure him so  he’s more than willing to sexually satisfy you. He will want to give you satisfaction!

And then, he will want to be with you. Perhaps for ever.

But it takes a little bit of know-how, and it takes some understanding of male psychology.

And we’re not really talking about techniques here. Although sex techniques can be important in spicing up your sex life, where you need to start is with your own attitude to sex and intimacy.

So let’s start right at the beginning: how do you feel about your own body?

More to the point, maybe, how do you feel about sex?

It stands to reason, doesn’t it, that if you really want to know how please a man in bed, you need to be able to enjoy sex yourself?

But a lot of women are hung up on body issues that stop them exploring their own sexuality and fully surrendering to it.

And what I know from years of experience in this area is that most women are super-critical of their own bodies. Far more critical, in fact, than their man.

woman lying naked on bed
How do you feel about your own body? Uninhibited and open?

Now whatever the reason for this, it can get between you and complete openness in the bedroom. To be fully open, to give yourself totally to a man, you have to be uninhibited. And you can’t be uninhibited if you’re constantly wondering about how attractive you are.

As you know, openness is not just about lying there on the bed naked, looking seductively at your man. It’s about baring your body and baring your soul confidently, so you can open up to him without any inhibitions.

How can you do this if you have anxiety or problems related to cellulite or fat or with anything else about your body which bothers you? Well, the answer is you have to work on it.

To start with, there’s something interesting you might not understand: your man is a lot less critical of your body than you are.

couple caressing each other
No matter what you think about your body – he likes it.

It might be an exaggeration to say he really doesn’t care what your body looks like, but there’s some truth in that.

You see, one of the key things to remember when  you feel inhibited about your body (or that it’s not good enough, or young enough, or whatever) is to remember that the guy who’s with you is there for a very good reason. He wants to be there.

In fact, he’s the only man in the room (well, for most women, anyway!) and he’s naked with you.

Just take it as read, as a given, that he wants to be there, and that your body, no matter what it looks like to you, will give him all the pleasure and satisfaction he wants in bed.

From being sexual with you, I mean.

And, being realistic, you might want to read our advice about grooming and appearance, which you can find here.

But if you’re really inhibited, and you just can’t get over your body issues, then you might want to get some help in gaining complete self-acceptance – which you can find here.

The Past May Destroy Pleasure In The Present

If you’re inhibited about sex, it could be that you’re still carrying some historical stuff from the past about sexual guilt or shame.

And it’s not surprising that women carry this stuff. When you look back to the 1970s, less than fifty years ago, women were only just beginning to understand that we had a right to sexual pleasure.

Up till then, a lot of women thought sex was all about pleasing a man in bed – and nothing else.

man pleasuring a woman
Does he know where your clitoris is – and what to do with it?

In fact, until quite recently you would have found many men, even married men, didn’t really know where the clitoris was – and lots more certainly weren’t interested in finding out how to give a woman pleasure with it!

Of course times have changed, but there’s still an awful lot of sexual inhibition around.

You know, I said above something about “opening yourself up” naked in body and soul to your man, and that’s really what sex is about. But to enjoy this, you need to embrace your sexuality fully. Read more about this here.

For example, if you’re not already orgasmic, then put some time and effort into becoming orgasmic. You can find out about that here.

And if you’re OK with your body, and you’re OK with sex, then why isn’t your sex life working as well as you want?

Often it’s because women don’t understand what men want.

We all know men and women are different – and regrettably, for some reason, this difference can perplex men and women alike.

(Look at the success of the “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” books by John Gray for proof of that.)

But sadly, as a result, a lot of men and women don’t seem to be clued up about how to satisfy their partners in bed.

And yet, you know, pleasuring your man (or, if you’re a man, pleasuring your woman) isn’t difficult.

You just have to know a little bit about how they think and what they most likely want to experience in bed, and pleasure will naturally follow.

Boredom can be an issue for long standing couples. But it only requires a polarity of masculinity and femininity to make sex alive and vital.

Sure, boredom can be an issue for long-standing couples, but then again, boredom is the product of routine.

And when it comes to sex it’s always exciting or novel to do things differently from time to time. Ringing the changes always helps produce greater pleasure.

So if you’re looking to find out how to please a man in bed, then variety is indeed the spice of life.

Good News!

This site will help you understand how men think, what they expect, and what they like, so it becomes easy for you to sexually pleasure your man. You will know exactly how to please a man in bed and you will reap massive rewards because of that.

And we will also show you how to pleasure your man in a way that means he’s going to be very engaged with the foreplay you want and need to reach orgasm.

Regrettably a lot of men approach sex with the idea that it’s up to them to pleasure a woman – in other words, to give her an orgasm, sexually satisfy her. And regrettably, a lot of women buy into this idea – maybe it’s a remnant of the old philosophy of “lie back and think of your duty, dear”. 

Now if your research and thinking about how to pleasure a man and please him in bed hasn’t gone beyond understanding that men are visual creatures and want something nice to look at, it’s no wonder your sex life is a bit stuck.

happy man and woman in bed
You and he can share great pleasure. And we can show you exactly how to please him in bed so that your sex life becomes much more fulfilling and satisfying.

In reality, men aren’t that different when it comes to sex from women. But neither you nor he may know that right now. Which means you will have to show him! How exciting!

You have to show him how similar you and he are in your sexual needs.

For example, it turns out that men’s bodies are a hotbed of erogenous zones and sexual hotspots. It turns out that men, while they may crave penetration and a woman who yields to them, also like to be “taken” by a woman who asserts herself sexually – at least from time to time.

It turns out that while men may appear to be obsessed by blow jobs, a lot of them actually prefer a good hand job.

So – a question. Do you find there’s a sexual disparity between your libido and your man’s? 

Aha. You did? But did you know you can make up the difference between the times you want penetration and the times he wants penetration by giving him very satisfying and extremely pleasurable hand-jobs? (Hand jobs that will keep him coming back for more?)

And did you know most men prefer a good hand job to a blow job? We explain why right here.

Knowing things like this will transform your relationship, into a hotbed of happiness and romance.

And remember, a man who’s happy and sexually fulfilled is a man who’s inclined to do anything for you.

There’s a natural dynamic between the sexes which is based on the power differential of sex. (And you hold the cards here!) What it comes down to is that if you know how to pleasure a man, he’ll be willing to pleasure you, do things for you, serve you and honor you as the sexual goddess you truly are.

So look here for advice on all things you need to know:


Back in 1971, a sex manual written by a woman called How To Become the Sensuous Woman, which explained how to pleasure a man in bed, revolutionized the sex lives of millions of people. We’ve summarized this book here. It still has value for women who want to know how to satisfy a man in bed.

It was probably the first sex manual written in an informal way by a woman for other women on how to please men in bed. It sold millions of copies and took the world by storm! But WHY?

Because most women up to that point had been indoctrinated with the idea that sex was a duty rather than a pleasure. A lot of women never had an orgasm. Ever.

Question is, how do you see sex, nowadays? Do you see it as a pleasure, or a duty? Are you really into it for the sake of the pleasure it can give you, or are you just doing it, perhaps resentfully, for the pleasure that it gives your man?

Worse still, are you doing it because it’s a bargaining tool or a way to keep your man interested in the relationship?

Although these are understandable motivations, and lots of women feel they need to use sex like that, it’s not the way to make your relationship a source of sexual pleasure and fulfilment.

Contrary to anything that you might have heard, or believe, sex can be just as fulfilling, rewarding and pleasurable for women as it is men.

So if you’re not feeling that way about sex, there are some hard questions you need to ask yourself. Like, do you really want to be in the relationship that you’re in? If you do, and your sex life is unsatisfying, then it’s likely that things will only change if you put some effort in to improve the situation.

Learning about how to pleasure a man, so that sex becomes enjoyable for you both, is an essential element in a fulfilling life. And this site is a great place to start looking for information on how to change your sex life so you can enjoy your body, your sexual potential, your relationship, AND your man more. When you do that, you will make all these things a source of mutual pleasure and satisfaction.