How To Be The Queen You Are

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Sure, you may find it a little bit odd to consider yourself as a Queen.

But the reality is you are a Sovereign because you are a leader in your life, and you need to respect that fact.

You may not be comfortable with the idea of being a Queen, but perhaps you’re comfortable with the idea of being the director, the chieftain, the leader, or the manager? Whatever you choose to call yourself, and whatever Queendom you rule or lead, there are certain ways to give yourself a sense of your power and importance in that role.

When the world is conspiring to make many people, probably men and women alike, feel didempowered, undervalued and vulnerable, it’s important that you understand your own power and you live within it.

Women are the bearers of life. Not just in creating babies, but actually in manifesting creative projects in the world: giving birth to ideas and then carrying them forward into reality is an expression of true feminine power.

(Of course it’s also an expression of masculine power, but women have particular gifts around birthing and creativity.)

Perhaps as yet, the depth of your power is a mystery to you. Perhaps as yet you haven’t fully comprehended the power and strength which the feminine can bring to the world.

To the extent that you’re out of touch with your own power, you will be out of touch with feminine power and its magnitude.

But I believe that always, deep within any woman, is always the seed of the expression of true femininity. In other words, at some deep level, you know what’s needed to bring yourself fully into being as the Queen that you are.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that this is competitive with the masculine King. It isn’t! It represents equality with the masculine. As you walk side-by-side with the masculine what’s required of you as a Queen, is to believe in and demonstrate your own power.

1 Have a Coronation Ceremony

Decide which kind of Queen you’ll be. What are the qualities that will define your reign? Do you have a mission, for example?

Mission might be something that defines your purpose and expresses the way in which you’re going to fulfill it. An example might be “I lead others to a greater understanding of the feminine by holding workshops in which women can explore the true essence of who they are with compassion and love.”

Of course you have to make up your own mission statement and suit it to exactly who you want to be and what you want to do.

But if you commit your mission statement paper, you have a statement of policy for your Queendom!

And when you have your Coronation ceremony, you can refer to your mission statement as you are crowned either by yourself or by others.

You might want to organize a formal ceremony, perhaps in nature, involving your friends and family. You might want to give your Queen a name, because the more real this becomes to you, the more powerful your feminine energy will be as you move into your leadership.

Perhaps you want to be a creative Queen. Perhaps you want to be a sexual goddess. Perhaps you want to be a master of creativity. Perhaps you want to be a healer. Perhaps you want to be a wise woman.

Deep down inside you generations of feminine knowledge are waiting to be expressed in your particular form.

2 Have a Court to Serve You

It’s no accident that monarchs – both male and female – through the ages had a court of attendance. (These aren’t ladies in waiting, who’re designed to serve the Queen’s every need.)

Rather. this is a Queen’s Council, designed to support you, advise you and help you. But make sure that you surround yourself with positive people. Choose them carefully – the tone of your support group will definitely influence the extent to which you can be creative and believe in your own power and influence in the world.

In short, these should be people who you trust with your wildest dreams and who you know have your best interests at heart. These are not people who might want to keep you small to find fault or to criticize your intentions.

3 Understand the Boundaries of Your Queendom

Don’t waste your time and energy on things which you can’t influence. You need to know what you’re in charge of, so that you can direct your energies in the best possible way.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by things over which you have no influence or power.

This may seem strange, but the best Queens know exactly where the boundaries of their Queendom are.

So, if you can’t do anything about the political situation, don’t allow it to impact you. Cut yourself off from the news, and focus on those things you do have power over.

At the same time, you need to have a clear view of the rules by which you intend to live. How important is integrity and authenticity to you, for example? How can you manage those qualities for the the people around you and your Queendom?

What sort of example do you want to set for your friends, your family, your children, your employees, your colleagues? How will you respond to those who rise up against you, as must inevitably happen at some point?

4 Build Self Protection

A just and valiant Queen will be supported by her people!

Even so you might need some resources to protect yourself from disappointment, low self-esteem, and frustration as you try to give birth to your creative ideas in the world.

You are the one who best knows the form that will take: a supportive circle of women who will hear you speak and support you. A community of women to whom you can turn for help. Maybe it’ll be the feminine mysteries of prayer and intuition. Maybe it will be spending time in nature. Maybe it will be your secret stash of dark chocolate, a romantic film, or self-care in the form of massage and therapy.

Be sure that your Queendom needs you, and so you need to have a way of recovering from the emotional wounds and psychic injuries that life can inflict upon you

5 Build Alliances

No Queen works in isolation. Yet isolation is a common state of being in the world, perhaps because too many of us are self isolating – we learnt that there would be no one around to help us.

The truth is different: there are plenty of people waiting to help you on every different level.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you have to do this alone. Find people who support you and share your dreams. Ask for help from those who are willing to help you and band together with them to get things done.

Those people could be from the neighbouring Queendom. It could be trusted advisers or magicians. Or it could be a wise woman who mentors you.

6 Be Powerful and Quick in Your Decision-Making

Elsewhere on this website we’ve referred to feminine intuition. Whether you rely on your intuition to make decisions or not, make your decisions quickly and certainly.

There is a tendency for the feminine to seek counsel from many different people, to discuss issues at great length, even weeks, and then finally to make a decision which is entered into tentatively.

This is one of the weaknesses of the feminine. And it comes from a lack of a sense of self power and certainty. But good effective Queens are sure of themselves and can make these decisions, trusting their intuition and their power.

7 Embody Royal Qualities

Life throws adversity at all of us. But women are incredibly strong in overcoming problems and getting back on their feet. And you, as a Queen, need to understand that no matter what happens there will always be more assets, more prosperity, more love, more joy, more connection and more possibilities around the corner.

So don’t cry over misfortune – or at least, don’t cry over misfortune for longer than it takes you deal with your grief. You are far too powerful and far too busy as a leader to succumb to weakness. Somewhere outside your door you will find opportunity is manifesting itself, just waiting for you to ask of it whatever you want.

And knowing that resources and opportunities are unlimited, you can be gracious to other people, including those who have hurt you.

There will be people who seek to make you feel less powerful. Ultimately, whether they succeed in doing that or not is your choice.

By being graceful and finding effective ways to deal with them, you can show the power and grace with which you lead. If you have to leave people behind as you move through life, so be it. Not everyone is willing to move at the same pace as you. Bless them on their journey, and then continue on your own.