Female Sexual Energy

Your sexuality is an integral part of who you are as a human being.

Sexuality isn’t just about having sex, nor is it just about creating babies, nor is it about the pleasure of transient orgasms.

In fact your sexual energy is part of your life force. When you see a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality, and embodies her femininity in a sensual and sexual way, there’s an extra dimension to her which you sense immediately.

And that’s the impact of living in the fullest way, living as who you truly are. A vibrant, sexually alive woman.

If you doubt how important sexual energy is to your life, consider the fact that sex brought you into being, sex stimulated your mental and physical growth, sex turned you from a girl into a woman, sexuality manifests in monthly cycles much of your life, and your feminine identity and sexual health can maintain your physical health and well-being right up until the day that you pass on into another world.

In other words, sexuality – particularly female sexuality – is a sacred force that can provide new energy, create life, and support and nurture existing life. Your sexual nature influences your entire life and the lives of all those around you.

Which raises the question of whether you see your sexuality as a threat, a disadvantage, and something to be hidden, repressed and denied. Or whether you see it as an asset to embrace and honor, a positive force which expresses the magnificence of the woman you are.

And along with this extraordinary quality of feminine sexuality goes the potential for great pleasure and empowered well-being.

Unlike men, women can experience multiple and extended orgasms. We have an organ – the clitoris – devoted to no function other than pleasure. By channelling feminine energy carefully, it’s possible to experience orgasms throughout the entire body and to make them last for minutes, even hours.

And human females are just about the only female organisms on the planet which have the option to choose to enjoy sexual connection at any point in the fertility cycle.

Clearly, women’s sexuality is not simply about reproduction. 

Why is that? Perhaps because female sexuality has an amazing power to bring pleasure, joy, happiness, health, creativity, emotional and physical connection (as well as spiritual connection) to both you and the man with whom you’re making love.

The Nature Of Human Sexuality

Sexual intercourse is a possibility at all times whether you are fertile or not.

So human sex can be separated from conception, and female orgasm is nothing to do with reproduction. In fact, female orgasmic pleasure is separate from reproduction, and its power is potentially unlimited.(Consider how a man’s orgasm and ejaculation is essentially about reproduction.)

What can feminine sexuality and power do for you?

It can bring you into connection with your body, and help you feel relaxed, sensual, and open. It can bring you a deep sense of well-being and closer connection with your partner. And, if used in the right way, it can even be a healing force, supporting your overall well-being and that of the man you are with.

In short, female sexual energy is a powerful source of well-being and bonding. You could see it as a force which gives birth to intimacy and connection. (As well as babies!)


The Tantric tradition has regarded feminine sexual energy as a source of power for millennia.

Any man who is sensitive to the interplay of masculine and feminine will readily admit that feminine sexual energy can be far more powerful than male sexual energy.

Indeed, feminine energy is the generative force behind universal creation and manifestation.

So as you are a vehicle for carrying this powerful sexual energy, I wonder: how much do you respect your body and the energy within it?

Do you nurture yourself and your body through sensual experiences such as dancing, massage, bathing, creative expression, dancing and other feminine delights?

Well, why not? This kind of sensual feminine self-care will deepen your connection to your own sacred feminine energy.

It also increases the power you have as a woman in the world: the power you have to thrive in the world, and the power you have to nurture and care for others.

And it also enables you to engage in the free expression of your feelings, so you can bring authenticity and holistic energy to your relationships with men.