Sexual Pleasure For Men

 Hand Jobs (Not Blow Jobs)

As A Way To Pleasure A Man In Bed

1 A Man’s View

If you read around on the Internet, you’re going to discover pretty quickly a “hand jobs versus blow jobs” debate. Which side a man’s on seems to depend entirely on how good his experience of hand jobs with women has been.

It’s pretty obvious that if a guy has a bad experience and comes out with friction burns, he’s going to favor blow jobs. And if he doesn’t get stimulated in the right way, at the right time, he won’t enjoy manual pleasuring much either.

Thing is, though, what’s obviously missing here is that these guys never told their women what they wanted.

The majority of men who say “blow jobs are better than hand jobs”, have had bad experiences. I bet you they never did anything to explain to their woman how to use her hand!

Let’s dig a bit deeper. Guys who make sure their woman knows what she’s doing always rave about hand jobs. In fact they often say hand jobs are more pleasing than blow jobs. 

And why wouldn’t they be? A man gets off thousands of times in his life with his own hand. He knows exactly what to do to pleasure himself. He knows the sensitive spots on his own penis. He’s well aware of the movement, speed and rhythm that will excite him and get him off with the greatest pleasure. And he knows all the other spots on his body that will add to his pleasure in bed.

Question is, why don’t all men tell their women these things?

Could it be – embarrassment, perhaps?

Even now I think there’s something inhibiting men (and women too) from talking about fapping. They are too shy to tell their partners that they’re pleasuring themselves. Which is kind of crazy, when you think about it, because one thing’s for sure – we’re all doing it!

Imagine the greatest pleasure you can get from your own hand. Now add to that the excitement of being with a woman as you get done. You’re able to kiss her at the same time as she pleasures you manually. You can finger her pussy or cup her breasts as you do it. Add in all the other possible pleasures and the whole thing begins to look very appealing!

Now add in the right kind of lube, the right amount of lube, and the right rhythm and speed. Then you have a sure fire formula for some real pleasure and excitement.

That’s particularly true if she’s presenting her ass to you while she’s doing it. Or maybe you’re kissing her  – or even licking her – while she’s pleasuring you. How good is that!

So I’m clear. My view is simple. If you’re not getting great hand jobs from a woman, you’re simply missing out on a huge amount of sexual pleasure.  And that’s true in or out of bed.

In fact, I’d go further. I’d say a man who isn’t getting good hand jobs is definitely not a first rate lover. It kind of shows he’s unimaginative about how women can please a man in bed.

If you insist your partner gives you blow jobs and not hand jobs you’re probably unimaginative in bed. And I’d guess quite unexciting for the woman in bed with you! 

You see, women really like to pleasure their men. So much so, Michael Fiore has got in on the act. He’s produced some of the best relationship programs on the Internet, including “Stroke Of Genius” with Cassidy Lyon. This is an entire program which instructs women on how to please a man in bed with great hand jobs.


If you’re a man, are you still thinking that blow jobs are better than hand jobs every time? Then you’re probably just thinking like a 16-year-old who’s over-excited by the idea of a woman’s mouth around his cock!

Sure, pleasure comes in many forms. But as you well know, the most intense and pleasurable orgasms are the ones you enjoy during masturbation.

So let your woman do it for you!  Then you get a whole load of added excitement which increases the pleasure and power of your orgasm.

Even better when she teases you as she pleases you! Simply let her bring you to the edge of orgasm a few times before she finally makes you explode.

You know, as I think about this, I’m imagining a naked, sexy woman pleasuring me by hand. And I simply can’t imagine how any guy wouldn’t find the idea appealing.

2 A Woman’s View

Again, when you look around the Internet, hand jobs seem to get a bad rap from women as well as men.

But I think the truth is different. For some weird reason it’s almost fashionable to devalue the pleasure of giving and receiving a hand job.

When you get down to it, you can find plenty of women out there who rave about hand jobs. Rave about giving them, and rave about the pleasure men get from them.

So what’s the key as to whether a woman enjoys a hand job on her man or not?

To be honest, I think it’s about whether or not she likes the look and feel of a penis.

I’m going to take a biological view here. I believe we’re all programmed to like the sight of the sex organs of the opposite sex.

So what if a woman’s going “eww” at the site of a guy’s cock? What if she’s complaining about getting RSI when she’s fapping him? Well, I think, “No way, my love. Those are mere excuses.” And something else, too: I think, “You’re sexually repressed, my dear.”

Sure, some girls don’t like the sight of a penis, or the feel of one getting erect. And those girls sure have some issues to deal with. They’re inhibited, embarrassed, whatever – most likely because they have unresolved issues around sexuality.

If a woman’s fully in her sexuality, fully confident, she’ll love the look and feel of her guy’s penis. She’ll also love pleasuring her man in bed by jacking him off.

She won’t be fazed by the sight of his penis. She’ll relish the sight of him coming, and she’ll share his pleasure.

Girls who love to give hand jobs have an aura of sexual confidence.

Let’s face it, why on earth wouldn’t you want to please your man in bed? Truth is, a woman who’s moaning about giving her bloke a hand job is most likely sexually inhibited. And so is a guy who’s complaining he doesn’t like getting hand jobs from a woman. 

But what about a guy who moans about not getting enough blow jobs? Well, most likely he isn’t communicating with his woman about how he pleasures himself. She could do it for him, if only he’d let her!

So stop complaining, get over your inhibitions, and find out what would really pleasure your partner!

You need to be relaxed and easy about sex, free of hangups, and not frightened by the sight of a penis. You need to know the right techniques, tricks and tips. Oh yes, and you need to be confident in what you’re doing.Then you can easily give your man more pleasure than he ever imagined possible. 

Take a look at the right hand side of this page. You can see an eBook guide on how to give your man the best hand job. It comes complete with audio guide, DVDs and goodness knows what else! This is a complete guide to pleasing your man in bed by fapping him. (Wanking, manually stimulating him, jerking him off…. get the idea?)

And remember: what do men want? A woman who’s willing to find out how to pleasure them in the way they would pleasure themselves.

That’s the kind of thing that counts for a great deal in a relationship. You know your partner cares about your sexual pleasure when s/he takes the time to learn techniques to satisfy.

Video – pleasuring a man

For a man, knowing his woman wants to know how to satisfy a man in bed is a real blessing. He’ll love you for it. And that’s what you want more than anything, isn’t it?