How To Step Into Your Feminine Power

Maybe you would like to explore your feminine power, but you’re unsure how to step into your power? Here are some guidelines, ideas, suggestions.

Although each of us carries both masculine and feminine energy, this information is directed towards women who want to step into their feminine energy and experience their full female power in the world.

You can do lots of things to more fully embrace your femininity. Here are some of them!

1 Develop Greater Self Compassion

Start by accepting that wherever you are in life now is exactly where you need to be, and it’s the inevitable result of everything you experienced in the past, good or bad.

For example, you probably learned in some way that either you were not lovable, or that love was conditional. Maybe you had to do something to earn it (like, perhaps, being a good girl who did everything she was told).

But simply becoming aware of the fact that your love for yourself and others has been restricted by your childhood experiences will help you tap into some greater feminine power immediately.

And this power is probably grace or compassion, which can move through you from the universe. This is feminine energy which can hold you, ground you and nurture you, and as soon as you start to embrace it, your view of your own self-worth will start to improve.

2 Honor Your Truth

Somewhere deep down inside you is a very clear voice trying to tell you something you really need to know.

So ask yourself: what is calling you at the moment? There’s nothing more certain than the fact that if you allow yourself to open up to this knowledge, you will hear it.

Is it about learning to be creative? Or some specific skill like learning a language? Is it something more significant in your life, like moving to live in another country?

Is it about finding a way to quit your job in industry and start your own business? Is about simply releasing blocks on the acquisition of prosperity and abundance?

Or is it about being more joyful?

Only you know the answer to this question, but whatever is calling you needs to be honored.

There’s plenty of information around on the Internet, and in books, and workshops, about how you can honor the truth of who you are the truth and the importance of what you desire.

Setting an intention to find the answers to these questions means you will find them. 

You see, the problem is that most people live their lives according to a set of “shoulds” and “oughts” which have been given to them by other people.

But there’s absolutely no reason why you should feel obliged to align your life with other people’s expectations any longer!

Instead, you can thank the people you’ve met and known in life, including the people of your birth family, and move on as a powerful woman in your own right to fulfil your own intentions and ambitions.

3 Develop Your Own Intuition And Be Guided By It

One of the most powerful qualities of the divine feminine is intuition. 

(By divine feminine, we’re talking about the glorious and natural embodiment of the energy of the feminine. Why the word divine? Simply because it’s an acknowledgement of the fact that you are a wonderful manifestation of the divine on planet Earth this time. This doesn’t necessarily require you to believe in God. Just recognize the fact that your existence on this planet is miraculous and involves forces beyond those which we can see, feel, and touch with our physical senses.)

Your intuition – your sixth sense, if you prefer to call it that – is something that will allow you to connect with your higher self.

Your higher self is the part of you which allows you to connect with the universe. It’s the part of you which allows you to communicate with others at an energetic level – a psychic level. It’s the part of you that allows you to attract guidance from other realms – your subconscious acting as the conduit for this information. It’s the part of you which allows you to manifest reality in a specific form.

So the question is, are you mindful and alert enough to pick up the signals and “guided moments” in your life which are available to you if you listen?

At first when you start doing this it’s easy to mistake such moments (and indeed dismiss them altogether). But you can learn to develop a relationship with your intuition.

You can develop greater discernment by trying out everything that comes to you which might be a guided moment of intuition. As you do this you will become more and more familiar with what it really feels like to be guided.

4 Develop A Relationship With A Higher Power

You might choose to call your Higher Power Mother Mary, or Archangel Michael, or some other divine being. You might have a personal spirit guide.

But however you frame the guidance you get from outside yourself, honor it, and invoke it to help you in everyday life.

You might also want to develop a spiritual practice to connect with Mother Earth. This could be as simple as standing on the Earth and opening yourself up to the energy of the Earth as you do so. And it could be more sophisticated such as invoking energies from above, below and around you. 

In essence, this is about connecting with the planet, and opening yourself up to energies beyond yourself.

5 Open Up Your Sensual Innocence

Don’t mistake the word sensual for sexual. This is simply about opening up your senses to beauty, creativity, sensitivity, and all the other expressions of the feminine – music, art, literature, dance, beauty, touch, massage, and so on.

Being sensual invokes the energy of every sense you have. And you can bring sensuality into everything you do in life.

For example, when you hug your partner open up to the smell of his body, the taste of his lips, the feel of his skin, the power of his heartbeat, and the more subtle energies that he conveys in the way he holds you.

Sensitivity and sensuality is a feminine attribute that allows sensual connection to everything around you.

6 Find What You’re Good At And Find A Way To Do It

This doesn’t mean finding an occupation in commerce and industry – unless that’s where your heart leads you!

What it means is finding the thing that makes your heart leap with joy.

It’s not about what you’re good at, it’s about what will let you experience the utmost satisfaction, pleasure, and fulfilment. This is your “zone of genius”. You might need a guide or mentor to help you achieve transition into what’s been called your “zone of genius“.

Well, if you do, so much the better – everything is better done in community than alone.

7  Develop Your Sense Of Connection To Other People

As you become more adept at getting in touch with the deeper and more subtle energies of the universe around you and within you, you come to see how we are indeed all connected.

You can experience this energy of connection in a heart centred circle or in many workshops designed to take participants into their inner world, down into the depths of the subconscious.

And that journey can be achieved in many ways. One way is to simply sit in a talking circle and speak your truth. Another is a simple meditative practice.

Whatever way you go, you’ll come to understand the deep connections between every living thing. And that truly is spiritual!

When you’re in this spiritual place, you can consciously practice sending out love and light to all the people you know and love – and indeed to the ones you know and don’t love.

But this isn’t about being a paragon of virtue, or holier than thou. It’s about understanding your natural place in the world. It’s about understanding that you really are a part of a greater whole. It’s about understanding that we are all connected, and ultimately that we are more similar than we are different.

Such an practice will allow you to feel the beauty inside everyone around you, and to feel the love for yourself and for them more powerfully.

8 Claim Your Own Authority

Feminine power is unique to each woman, even though it has certain things in common.

And this means that ultimately you have to find your own truth, your own voice and your own power.

The route you take to discovering your own feminine power may be different to another woman’s, and it may not involve any or all of the steps above.

But ultimately whatever you’re doing, you are aiming to remember who you are – which is the essence of femininity made manifest. And as you discover that, you will also discover all the ways in which you are uniquely powerful.