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How To Sexually Satisfy A Man In Bed

Browse the Internet and you’ll find lots of articles full of tips about how to sexually satisfy a man in bed.

But the sad truth is, many of these ideas are off the wall. I mean, one article I found featured this as tip #1: “Have him lay on his back while you straddle him and give him what he really wants: a view of your scalp as you make your way down on him.”

As a recipe for sexual satisfaction, that’s not so helpful! Surely, what’s needed here are clear, simple instructions and sexual techniques which every man will find satisfying?

So with that in mind, here are six guaranteed successful sex moves to turn a man on and satisfy him in bed.

1 Always remember: to him, you’re a sex goddess!

woman looking at camera
You can be his sex goddess!

Yes, you are a sex goddess – even if you don’t know it yet! You’re a sex goddess simply because you’re a woman. And as a woman you have many ways to please a man in bed.

By the way, this isn’t just about having a body which he craves. Nor is it about acting like a porn star or some mad sex-crazed nymph.

No, to give your man a great time in bed, you simply need to discover what excites him. To discover what’s going to give him more pleasure than you’ve ever given him before. And when you know that, you can help him turn his desires from fantasy to reality. Keep that in mind as we reveal five more great tips for sexual success!

2 Discover His Kinks and Fantasies !

Just as you have some secret desires and fantasies which are massive turn-ons, so does your man. In fact he probably has far more fantasies than you.

Truth is, almost every man can list many things which could turn him on. That being so, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding something which really excites him.

Maybe it’s as simple as wearing an extra-tight pair of jeans which show off your ass to the best advantage. Or maybe he’d appreciate a top that reveals your cleavage rather more than usual.

Then again, it might be something a bit more hard-core. Maybe he’d like to see you making love to another woman in a bit of girl-on-girl action. Maybe he’d like to try anal pleasure.

Of course, whether or not you want to go that far is up to you. Obviously you’d have more complex issues to deal with in that scene than if you simply wore some sexy underwear! 

But hey, if his fantasy tickles your fancy too, then why not try it? 

One of the best ways to satisfy your man sexually in the bedroom is to find out what his kinks really are –

– and then try them. Yep, even the one where you’re having sex with another woman (as long as it pleases you too!)

Any problems? Well, yes. The difficult thing about this is going to be finding out what his kinks actually are.

woman lying naked on bed
Get him to reveal his fantasies!

You see, he’s not used to opening up and speaking about these things. He might think they’re shameful. He’ll certainly think they’re private. He may worry you’ll be shocked about them.

So one great way to encourage him to spill the beans is for you to tell him some of your kinks.

Play a game. For every fantasy you reveal to him, tell him he has to reveal one of his. Start small and work up. As he reveals each of the things which excite him, consider whether or not you might be willing to sexually satisfy him in bed by trying them out with him.

3 Learn the Art of Talking Dirty!

Does this sound like a bit of a cliche? Well, it isn’t! Men are turned on by the sound of sex, not the sound of silence.

You know that’s true, because you’ve seen all those women moaning and groaning in porn films (haven’t you?). Sure, I’ve never heard the noises they make come out of the mouth of any woman I’ve ever been intimate with! But that doesn’t matter. Men find noisy sex exciting.

man and woman embracing
Every girl can learn to talk dirty.

But there’s more. A man will find sex infinitely more exciting when you whisper in his ear “F*ck my hot wet c*nt.” The first girl who said that to me made me come there and then. So master the art of talking dirty! And get yourself over the idea of being a “good girl” during sex, too! There’s a wild sex goddess inside every woman, including you, just waiting to get out. 

When you talk dirty, act dirty, and throw your inhibitions aside, you really will have the power to massively turn your man on and truly satisfy him in bed….

And sure, if you wanted to sound like one of those girls in the porn films moaning and groaning, that’s gonna turn him on as well.

I hate to say it, but if you felt like taking lessons from those porn stars, you could do. If you’re not quite up to the level of “F*ck my hot wet c*nt” just yet, then try something simpler when he hits the right spot: “Oh yes! Oh yes! Just there! Just there! Make me come!” 

You can move on from there to things like “You feel so good inside me.” “I love feeling your hard throbbing dick inside me.” “You feel so big. Fill me up!” Well, I’m sure you get the idea.

And remember also that what goes on outside the bedroom can lead you and your man directly to sexual satisfaction as well. For example, send sexy text messages to him during the day. This will turn him on and make him anticipate being with you. It’ll also add to his pleasure when you make love later in the day.

4 Do Things Differently

The changes you make to your sexual routine don’t have to be big to produce a thrill! You could do something as simple as having sex with the lights on, rather than off. You could make love in the garden, or in the countryside. The risk of being seen adds a frisson of excitement.

Couple laughing in bed
Do it differently!

What’s going on here, of course, is that you’re tapping into the male need for variation. Men in a long term relationship often fear sexual boredom will descend simply because they’re continually having sex with the same woman.

And, yes, we all know there’s a male need for variety. So why don’t you provide it, rather than have him explore this with another woman?

Try role-play, for example. Don’t ever underestimate the power of dressing up in a sexy French maid’s outfit to excite and satisfy your man!

For him, this kind of excitement leads to bigger and better orgasms. And bigger orgasms will keep him faithful to you. They will also make keep him much more willing to sexually satisfy his woman – that’s you! – in the bedroom as well!  

There are other advantages to doing this. The more sexual knowledge and experience you have, the more you will know what excites your man and turns him on. That way you can build up a kind of “database” of great sex moves that are highly pleasurable for your man.

5 Learn How to Give Amazing Oral Sex

Every woman who’s serious about learning how to satisfy her man needs to learn exactly how to give him the kind of blow job that is really going to pleasure and satisfy him in bed.

how to please a man in bed
Develop your oral pleasuring skills to satisfy your man in bed!

Let me explain. For a man, nothing is more satisfying than the warmth and wetness of your pussy as you make love. But it’s probably true that for every man, oral pleasure comes a close second. A very close second, in fact.

The reason? Your tongue gives you the ability to stimulate those very sensitive spots on his penis head in a way that nothing else can. Done correctly, a good blow job can be a ticket to heaven for a man.

And it’s not difficult to do this. All you have to do is really put your heart and soul into giving him oral pleasure.

You see, he hates mechanical oral sex with no passion or excitement behind it. He wants to know that giving him pleasure in this way is thrilling you as well.

Which all means you need to vary what you’re doing. You need to take the trouble to find out what excites him. You might try gently licking and stroking his testicles as well. You can take him to the edge and then back off. You can lick, suck and play with his penis using your tongue. You can lick his balls – most men love that!

Above all, from time to time make eye contact with him. In fact, look at him with something like adoration in your eyes as you satisfy him and he will love you forever.

You can also use your hands as well as your mouth. That can be helpful if his penis is larger than average.

Spit or swallow? Well, you don’t have to accept his semen in your mouth if you don’t like it. However, coming inside your mouth will add to his pleasure. You can always spit his semen out immediately into some tissues.

6 Learn How to Give an Amazing Hand Job

Your man will absolutely adore good oral sex, but he will also adore a great hand job too. A good hand job can seriously sexually satisfy a man.

You think he’s not interested? Think again! It’s not true men aren’t bothered about getting hand jobs from their women. It simply looks that way because most women never bother to learn how to satisfy a man in bed with their hand. You, however, can find all the knowledge you need right here.